Significant Bellerophon Mobile activities and other news.

ChartWorm Prototype Development

Drexel University has signed a contract with Bellerophon Mobile for continued support and development of its ChartWorm startup effort. Headed by researchers and staff from the Drexel College of Medicine, ChartWorm aims to provide a platform for patient-driven electronic healthcare records integration.

Router and VPN Validation for FIPS & Common Criteria

Local IP router manufacturer Information Assurance Specialists (IAS) has contracted with Bellerophon Mobile for engineering support during FIPS 140-2 validation and Common Criteria Network Device and VPN Gateway certification of their IAS Router MICRO, IAS STEW and IAS KG-RU products.

Logberry: Structured, Semantic Logging for Go

One of our recent primary contracts involved delivering software components to be compiled into a larger package from another team, hooked up to apps from a third team, and then deployed and field tested by a fourth team, all coming from separate corporations. Suffice to say, considerable time was spent after each field test run just trying to decipher what had broken or not performed optimally. To make that easier in future projects, we've developed and are now releasing as open source our library Logberry, providing a lightweight API for structured, semantic logging. [ read more… ]

Live Video With Polynetworks

Fellow Delaware Valley startup Polynetworks recently opened its live video streaming platform, Collabor, to several pilot customers. Software development of the platform has been performed by Bellerophon Mobile . Industrial surveillance cameras attached to singleboard PCs stream video to a cloud-based service, which mobile and desktop users may then use to watch via their web browser. A variety of user devices and cameras have been demonstrated, as well as publishing and consuming from WiFi and cellular endpoints, all with real-time performance.

Home Security Portal with Arcweb

Today saw the production release by a Fortune 100 company of an HTML5 web portal for home security developed in part by Bellerophon Mobile , in partnership with Arcweb. The interface provides for managing door locks, cameras, and other devices within a user's home. This release replaces the product's previous web portal. Among the new features is improved, modern support for mobile devices.


Bellerophon Mobile has subcontracted with Drexel University for the second phase of the Content-Based Mobile Edge Networking (CBMEN) program for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Together, Drexel and Bellerophon are providing expressive, ontology-based metadata description and querying for advertising and discovering content within CBMEN tactical edge networks. Bellerophon Mobile is responsible primarily for development of the Semantic Web (OWL+SPARQL) inference engine incorporated into the core of the CBMEN stack, as well as an ontology-based rapid tagging interface for quickly describing content on mobile devices. Drexel University's Applied Informatics Group is developing and maintaining military domain ontologies used to represent content and supporting information such as mission and force structure.

Home Automation Apps with Arcweb

Bellerophon Mobile has recently delivered an HTML5 app for home automation control, developed in partnership with Arcweb. The interface is to be included alongside Android and iOS native apps in the rollout of a connected home system backed and retailed by a Fortune 500 company. This project has enabled Bellerophon Mobile to brush up on its responsive web app development and settle on a preferred kit of tools, such as AngularJS.

MANET Components for LGS

Bellerophon Mobile has recently delivered linkxfer, a small library of mobile ad hoc networking building blocks. linkxfer is to be used by the LGS Innovations team in the first phase of the DARPA Content Based Mobile Edge Networking (CBMEN) program as the basis for a sophisticated content addressable network. The library has been integrated and tested with Android and Linux platforms networked via both WiFi and General Dynamics’ AN/PRC-154A Rifleman tactical radios. It implements RFC 5444 (PacketBB) and RFC 6130 (NHDP) and uses NRL's NORM library for wireless-oriented reliable transport.